GHC Swamp Rabbit Trail (Ian Curcio)

Make Trails Count!


The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is proposing a new rule to count only cars when measuring and addressing traffic congestion, leaving trails, walking and biking—and even public transit—out of the mix.

Transportation officials shouldn’t consider just how quickly a person can drive a mile, but how well the whole transportation network allows people to get to the places where they work, live, shop and play.

Tell Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to make trails, walking and biking count! Sign our petition by Aug. 18, 2016. We’ll deliver the signatures as part of the public comments process on the proposed rule.


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I want to be counted!

Dear Secretary Foxx:  

Please include trails, walking, biking and public transit as part of the new rule on how states and communities measure and address traffic congestion and system reliability.

By only measuring how quickly cars can get from point A to point B, the proposed rule works against USDOT's priority of promoting safer places for people to walk and bike. Communities like mine should be able to build the transportation systems that fit their needs, not prioritize car travel over other modes.

Congestion should measure movement of people, not cars. And reliability should consider not only vehicles but other options like trails, walking, biking and public transit. Measuring a variety of transportation options will better reflect how efficiently people can get where they want to go.

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