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Help Keep America's Next Great Rail-Trail On Track!


After four long years, Missouri officials may pass up a once-in-a-generation opportunity to preserve a 144-mile rail corridor for future use as a trail—even though the trail has widespread public support across the state and the country.

Together with the famed Katy Trail—this corridor stands to become part of a 450-mile world-class trail network that will connect cities and towns, create healthier neighborhoods and grow the economies of communities across the region.

But officials must first accept the donated corridor.

Speak out now! Tell Missouri Gov. Michael Parson, Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe, State Parks Director Ben Ellis and Director of the Dept. of Natural Resources Carol Comer that you support preserving the Rock Island Line rail corridor for future use as a trail. Personalized messages are most effective. Be sure to tell officials why preserving this corridor is important to you.


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