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It’s Time for a Trail in Every Neighborhood

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As the nation works to slow the spread of COVID-19 by practicing extreme social distancing, much of the local guidance includes outdoor exercise as essential—and medical and health experts agree that being active outside is crucial to maintaining well-beingas long as we keep 6 feet of distance between each other.

Now, demand for trails and outdoor places is surging, making it increasingly difficult for people to follow this guidance. Nationwide, trail usage has increased nearly 200% compared to last year. To ensure that people are adhering to social distancing and being safe in the outdoors, some trails and parks are closing, while others are limiting their facilities and services.

It’s becoming painstakingly clear that every American needs safe, immediate access to the outdoors—trails in every neighborhood, right now. Our country’s local elected officials have the power to make this happen.

Sign our petition to urge local officials to close select streets to car traffic to create safe places to walk and bike during this global pandemic.


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A Trail for Every Neighborhood

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I am joining Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in calling on the nation's mayors, county officials and local elected leaders to close select streets to car traffic to create safe places for walking and biking for all Americans during the COVID-19 public health crisis--a trail in every neighborhood in America.

The best street closures will be those that create connected walking and biking routes to essential businesses, like grocery stores and banks, and those that extend developed trails, creating more space for recreation and transportation and closing gaps between places. Street closures will be identified by local elected officials and residents, providing for physical activity and active transportation while protecting important transportation routes for essential workers, emergency crews, and residential traffic among other local needs.

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