Communities Need Connected Trails

We’re in a time of unprecedented opportunity for trails, walking and biking. People and places are demanding trail networks for their communities, and funding exists to help accelerate that investment—but trails aren’t routinely prioritized and resources sometimes aren’t focused in the most strategic ways.

Congress and transportation agencies are consistently making decisions that will shape how our nation prioritizes trail and active transportation infrastructure, and whether or not we’ll maximize the impact of this historic moment.

We convinced Congress to create the Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program as a solution to these challenges. This innovative program can only do its job if Congress now commits the resources it promised. This new funding is critical, providing dedicated resources to help communities build connected trail and active-transportation systems that ensure people can get where they want to go safely by foot, bike or wheelchair.

Act Now: Sign our petition in support of critical investments in trail and active transportation networks to transform our transportation future.


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