Thank State Sen. Brodeur for Supporting Florida Trails

Florida State Sen. Jason Brodeur has introduced a new bill in the Florida legislature that would invest more than $200 million for trails, walking and biking in the Sunshine State—and have an exciting impact on the state’s growing trails network.

The Florida Shared-Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail Network Bill (S.B. 106) includes a one-time investment of $200 million for the SUN Trail Network program as well as an increase in the annual funding for the program to $50 million.

These investments will help grow the statewide network of trails and close key gaps to connect more communities in the Sunshine State—helping everyone, everywhere, have access to safe, nonmotorized pathways to walk, bike or simply get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Take action now: Thank Sen. Brodeur for sponsoring S.B. 106 and supporting Florida’s growing trail network. Personalized messages work best—tell Sen. Brodeur why trails are important to you.


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