Support a Multiuse Trail Connection through Powell and Beyond

Now is the time for Powell and Park County to invest in a trail system that connects communities throughout the county with benefits for residents and visitors alike.

Sign the petition to encourage the City of Powell and Park County to invest in connecting a multiuse trail through Powell and beyond.


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Thoughtful Community Leaders: 

In the 2022 Park County Vision and Values Survey, a plurality of participants responded that access to public lands and outdoor recreation was their most important priority for the county to focus on. However, it is difficult in Powell and Park County to find safe places to walk and bike that are convenient to where people live. Opportunities to recreate outside of Powell can be difficult to access without a car and prior knowledge of the area.

The City of Powell, Park County and regional land managers have the unique opportunity to commit to a multiuse trail that can provide safe and convenient outdoor recreation for residents while also catering to long-distance travelers who are following the Great American Rail-Trail, a long-distance, multiuse trail under development with Rails to Trails Conservancy. Corridors are now being considered to help make this multiuse trail through Park County a reality, and regional leadership is needed to bring the vision to fruition.

Powell Economic Partnership is invested in the vision of providing a multiuse trail through Powell and beyond. The Great American Rail-Trail stands to provide at least $13.2 million in annual visitor spending in Wyoming, and now is the time for Powell and Park County to prepare for the future.

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