2023 Rail-Trail Hall of Fame Nominees

Voting for the 2023 Rail-Trail Hall of Fame is now closed.

The winning trail will be announced in the August edition of eNews.

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 1 South Carolina's Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail

Length: 23 miles

Interesting Fact: Several businesses near the trail have experienced a monetary bump, with sales reportedly jumping up 10-85%, helping to contribute to the $6.7 million annual economic impact the Swamp Rabbit Trail delivers to the county.

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 2 California's Sacramento River Trail and Rail Trail

Length: 21 miles

Interesting Fact: Punctuated with an impressive rail tunnel and multiple bridges, one of the trail pair’s most awe-inspiring features is the Sundial Bridge, a 700-foot-long, cable-stayed, glass and steel working sundial spanning the Sacramento River, which attracts an estimated 100,000 annual visitors from around the world!

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 3 Illinois's Hennepin Canal State Trail

Length: 104.5 miles

Interesting Fact: The Hennepin Canal State Trail connects to several other trails and trail networks, allowing visitors ways to reach more destinations and stretch their adventures on this already long-distance pathway. Some of its connections include serving as the state’s gateway trail for the 3,700-mile cross-country Great American Rail-Trail, the 500-miles-plus Grand Illinois Trail loop and the American Discovery Trail..

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In 2007, RTC began recognizing exemplary rail-trails around the country through its Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame trails have been selected based on merits such as scenic value, high use, trail and trailside amenities, historical significance, excellence in management and maintenance of facility, community connections and geographic distribution.

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