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Local Officials: Pledge to Support Active Transportation


Although federal funding for safe walking and bicycling networks has been under attack in Congress, local elected officials understand that residents expect and demand adequate investment from all levels of government to ensure that we have a balanced transportation system.

Local communities rely on the federal government to provide resources to accommodate all users of our transportation network, to promote better public health by allowing people to walk and bicycle, and to ensure that people are able to walk or bike safely to their destinations.

The Partnership for Active Transportation is asking local elected officials around the country to sign the Pledge to Support Active Transportation.

The pledge will show members of Congress from all parts of the country that the leaders of their community need and expect continued federal investment in active transportation—and that this investment will help their communities continue to thrive, their economies to prosper, and their residents to continue to have the transportation facilities they need.

Local elected officials who sign the pledge may be contacted on occasion for assistance in reaching out to members of Congress, or may be included in a list of supporters to influence decision-makers. For more information, please contact Patrick Wojahn at 202.974.5111 or Ian Thomas at 573.239.7916.



Pledge to Support Active Transportation

I recognize that Americans support a balanced transportation policy, and that continued investment in safe and convenient facilities for walking and bicycling is essential to the economic vitality and public health of my community.

Therefore, I pledge to:

  • Support the federal Transportation Alternatives Program that funds the construction of sidewalks, crosswalks, bicycle networks and recreational trails;
  • Oppose efforts to curtail federal investment in active-transportation systems;recent attacks against these vital programs are out of touch with the needs and desires of most Americans.

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